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Common Myths About Real Estate Auctions

Common myths about real estate auctions MIAMI – April 25, 2013 – Auctions are a viable option for both homebuyers and sellers, despite many misconceptions about the process. While some believe only foreclosures or properties in bad condition are sold via auction, in reality, all types of properties are sold on the auction block – […]

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Study: Buyers Can Afford Bigger House If It’s New

The National Association of Home Builders says its new study shows that home buyers can buy a more expensive, newer house and still have the same operating costs as owning an older existing home. NAHB examined data from the Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development’s 2011 American Housing Survey to determine how […]

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Will Baking Bread Really Help Sell Your Home?

Use smell to make a sale – but only certain smells It’s common practice for real estate agents to pop baked goods in the oven before an open house, or light some fragrant candles to create an aromatic environment. “They always tell you to take a bunch of cookie dough and shove it in the […]

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At Day’s End

At Day’s End, when all the work is done, you make the drive home. Home has a different meaning for all of our clients. What does “home” mean to you? You may be going home to a full house of noise and activity or to your peaceful escape from the daily grind.  Either way, it’s yours […]

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